• Sterling Recycled Spoons and Forks

  • Sterling Recycled Spoons and Forks

Sterling Recycled Spoons and Forks

Silver jewelry is getting more expensive, but there is an alternative - you can recycle the silver you already have and not pay for somebody else's silver! Below you will see some examples of what you can turn your old silver spoons and forks into. The process is simple:

View the items that I have made from used silverware.  I can use sterling which is .925, or coin which is .900 or .800.  I can not use plate.  If something catches your eye, write the  number of the example down and tell me how, if any you would change it.


I can use any fork and make it into a bracelet, pendant or ring.  There are examples of dinner forks and sardine forks.  The sardine fork is set with paua shell and he dinner fork is set with turquoise. Rings made from forks catch on clothing so that is something to think about.  I can also use the stem of the fork for a pendant.  There are examples of those.

Rings can be made from the stem of a fork or spoon.  Some of my customers like to have their birthstones set 'pave' on the top.  I have a wide selection of birthstones and I'll send you a picture and description of the stone.

Pendants are the most generic silver jewelry item, they can be made from the smallest to the largest of fork or spoon handles(stems).

Once you decide on the style of your item:

  1. take the measurement of the ring, or you can just send me the mm. length.
  3. decide which stones you want.  I have a wide selection of stones, from diamonds to quartz.
  5. send me all the details and then I will give you a price quote.
  7. If you agree you then send me your spoon or fork, I will either send back you the unused portion of your spoon or fork or offer you a sum that will would represent the value I place on it at that time based on its bullion value and my need for your excess silver.
  9. I will then send you back the finished piece of jewelry.
  11. You pay only for the postage, my labor, setting and stones.  You don't pay for your hard won silver.

Please add the agreed amount to the payment form on the PayPal page you will get redirected to after clicking the button below.

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